MacBook 1to1 Program – RELEASE 10 in 2019


Apple is expected to be restructuring models within the coming couple of months, and these changes (along with any price modifications) will be listed through all our usual digital online channels (front office, online school newsletter, school Facebook page, and our APPs).   Information to look out for will be any Apple model restructuring, and adjusted EDU tax free pricing.  This information is relevant to any students entering Year 3-6 in 2019 (current Year 2-5 students).  Parents wishing to go on payment plans for the end of year bulk order may need to arrange a lease plan at the office as soon as possible.  Devices can be ordered at any time (even in 2019), subject to a revised quote through the front office.




Information and ordering for years 3-6 (in 2019) only

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