General Forms & Notes P-6



2018 Booklist

Explanation of costs for 2018


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Headlice - form to be returned when headlice treatment has been performed on your child's hair.


Treating and controlling headlice

Asthma Care Plan

If you have a child enrolled at Seabrook Primary School that has been diagnosed with asthma could you please provide the school with a copy of the Asthma Management Plan and there Asthma Medication as soon as possible. Should you have any enquires please do not hestiate contacting the office.


Susan Joyce

Asthma Trainer/Educator


Additional plans


Action plan for Anaphylaxis

Action plan a for Allergic Reactions


Medication Authority

If you child requires medication to be administered at school please complete this form.


Extended Family Leave Registration Form


If you will be withdrawing your child from school for an extended family holiday please fill in this form and return to school.


Change of family details

Please let us know if your family address or phone numbers change.  We also ask that emergency contacts are up-to-date and are informed that we may contact them.  Please click on this form and return it completed to the office.