Excursions, Incursions and Camps


Grade 3 - Convicts and Captains Incursion  11th/12th October

Grade 1 Swimming commencing Monday 15th of October


Prep Market Fresh Incursion - Wednesday 10th of October

Prep Extended Stay Thursday 1st of November 3:10pm - 5pm

Prep Melbourne Zoo - Wednesday 14th of November


Grade 1 Scienceworks Excursion

Thursday 18th, October - 1LF, 1TC, 1KA
Friday 19th, October - 1GV, 1KF, 1AD

Grade 3 Camp
7th - 9th of November to Phillip Island Adventure Resort

Grade 4 Melbourne Zoo

4EC & 4AA Monday the 12th of November

4RE & 4JV Wednesday 14th of November

4MB & 4LK Friday the 16th of November