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Grade News



Prep Letter Focus for term 3

Prep 100 days celebration - Wednesday 1st of August


As part of our 100 days of school celebration, the Prep teachers are planning a celebration for the children on Wednesday the 1st of August. During the day, the children will be participating in a range of fun Literacy, Numeracy and Art activities to celebrate their first 100 days at school.




We are inviting the children to dress up in a 100 day theme costume. Costumes do not need to be extravagant or purchased. Children can wear a T-Shirt that has 100 on it or they could dress up as a person who is one hundred years old. (While we would like to encourage children to ‘dress up for ‘100 Days celebration’, it is optional.




The children will still require lunch, snack and drinks for the day.




We are also asking your child to bring a homemade poster of 100 of something to share during Show and Tell.




Thank you for your support,

Prep Garden Fun Day - Wednesday 8th of August


Grade 2,   4th Inquiry- How the world works

 Grade 6 Graduation Bricks - return by Friday 17th of August

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